About Me

Raise Your Child with Confidence

As your parenting coach, I will be your thinking partner in understanding your child and their developmental needs. We will discover the road map you need to nurture an authentic and lasting connection with your child and provide them with the safe and secure place they need to discover who they are.

Please reach out to talk with me about your parenting challenges.

I am available by phone, text or email and it would be my honor to be on this journey with you.  I offer a 30-minute free introduction to who I am and what working with me looks like, and I’ll work with you to find a fee structure that works for your family and your parenting needs.

It has been my life’s work and passion to understand children and the process of parenting them. I have deep compassion for the insecurities and frustrations that being a parent can uncover and I am dedicated to helping to heal and relieve them.

My background

Long before I had children of my own, I just loved being with kids. My first job as a live-in nanny gave me valuable experience in how difficult and stressful it is to care for children. I also had a front row seat to the stress and joy of parenting.

After earning a business degree in undergraduate school and being miserable in my first job office job, I stared substitute teaching in the neighborhood preschool. It quickly became clear that teaching was the natural choice for me as a vocation. I went back to graduate school in child development and received my Montessori teaching certificate. Throughout my career as a Montessori teacher, I found that in addition to the satisfaction that I got from observing the developing minds of my students, I deeply enjoyed my interactions with their parents. I had the unique opportunity to have meaningful conversations with parents about their struggles, their parenting philosophies and their joy. I treated my many years in the classroom and as a director of a tiny preschool as my own personal learning lab for child development and parenting.

When I had my own babies, my quest for knowledge grew. Each new phase or challenging behavior that my children exhibited sent be back to the books to do more research and study. I found great satisfaction in the process to understand my boys. I got to see the world through their eyes and most importantly their developing minds. After they launched into the world, I went back to school again to achieve my Parent Coaching Certification. I hope to share my knowledge, expertise and passion with other parents as they do the difficult and very important job of supporting their children.