I help guide overwhelmed parents to identify their triggers, uncover and process any past trauma and tap into their inner power by creating a compassionate inner-connection which will overflow into a better connection with their children and loved ones.


How is coaching different from therapy?

Unlike therapy, coaching won’t ask you to dwell in the past. We simply tap into the past to drag out the belief systems you adopted in childhood. Our real focus is on what is happening right now.

Coaching is quicker than therapy. You won’t need to see a coach for months on end. The goal is to equip you with the right tools so you can leave and succeed by yourself!

I’m a certified Conscious Parenting coach. I was trained by Dr. Shefali at her Conscious Coaching Institute. My training was rigorous and intense, giving me everything I need to support parents. However, it’s important you know that I am not a trained therapist. I cannot treat clients with clinical depression, high levels of anxiety, bipolar, eating disorders or patients that are suicidal.

If a client is already seeing a therapist for these issues, I am happy to work with them. However, if therapy is required and a therapist isn’t involved, I will need to refer the client out.


What is Conscious Parenting

Parents tend to use rewards, punishments and other forms of discipline to get their children to behave. The focus of traditional parenting is on molding the child.

A conscious parent realizes that kids aren’t playdough. Instead of molding them, they accept children as the whole people they are.

Conscious parenting is an approach that can help you feel less frustrated and more aligned with your values and desires.  Rather than focusing on your child’s behaviors, you will deepen your understanding and ability to:​

  • Deconstruct your triggers so you can calm unhelpful reactions,
  • Attune with your child’s energy instead of getting caught up in their words,
  • Replace ineffective consequences with life enhancing boundaries,
  • Identify generational patterns that you no longer want to pass down.


What does coaching look like?

We’ll have one-to-one sessions together for as many weeks as we both feel are necessary. Though we’re doing life-changing work, every session with me is laidback and relaxed. Can lasting change happen overnight? Nope. So, naturally, the process will take some time.

You’ll learn so much about yourself and will experience life through a different lens.

Our coaching sessions can be conducted through video conferences. That way you can be supported wherever you are in the world.


What is my financial investment in coaching?

My hourly rate for coaching is $120 per hour.  I offer packages of 4 for a discounted rate of $400.  Please do not let finances stop you from asking for help.  I offer a sliding scale and I have several scholarships available.



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